We operate at the main ports and airports of the world.

An effective service

At MOVILPAQ we are specialists in international cargo management. We are efficient freight forwarders and act on behalf of our importer and exporter customers to organise the transportation of their goods in a manner that is safe, efficient and, above all, cost-effective.

Our services include: advice on all the export and import costs, administrative tasks, proposals on the most appropriate means of transport for the goods, planning the most effective route, preparation of all transport documentation and insurance, control of all the phases of the service and, finally, managing the storage and distribution of the goods.

From MOVILPAQ, we offer the highest flexibility in logistics planning. We are an extension of the logistics and commercial department of our customers, and our organisation allows us to manage, from Spain’s main ports and airports, all the global import/export operations.         

We offer full coverage

  • Europe


  • America


  • Africa


  • Asia and Oceania

    Asia and Oceania

Our transport network

Over the years, we have built up a reliable and extensive international network of collaborators and freelance professionals, successfully creating solid alliances with corporations at the highest professional and human level.

We currently have an international network of over 300 correspondents located at the main strategic centers of air, land and sea activity, offering a service of the highest level in terms of quality, response, coverage and price, and providing a solution to any consultation and logistics requirement that our customers may put before us.

The basis of a solid structure and proven experience enables us to provide the best logistics and professional support to ensure that your products are delivered to their destination in as little transit time as possible and always with the maximum cost-effectiveness for your business.

In this way, we have managed to be an expert company in logistics solutions for all import and export operations, offering global reach with a local presence and close contact.